Active Learning Lesson Plan Database

The database is a depository of selected, SEP reviewed, quality hands-on lessons created by our classroom partnership teams and staff. Lessons range from grades K-12 and address a great variety of Science and Health topics. As we just recently started this site, the number of lesson plans is still small. Please check in regularly - we are continuously adding more lessons.

Lesson plan design tool

**This tool is only available for our program participants

This tool will guide volunteers and teachers through the lesson plan design process, using an easy to fill out lesson plan template. Lesson plans are saved into the team account and can be accessed and edited by all team members.

Besides being a great tool during the lesson planning process, each year teams will contribute lesson plan ideas for future generations of partnership participants.

Team planning support

**These tools are only available for our program participants

Planning and active communication are essential for a successful partnership. On this site, teams can post planning meetings and lesson dates on a common calendar, exchange ideas, discuss questions and post reminders via a group blog, and receive email alert for new entries on the team account.

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>> Learn more about how to use these team planning support functions.